One Platform. Many APIs. Cloud Native.

Our technology powers various digital solutions through a fully integrated ready-to-use platform or an extensive suite of modular REST APIs. Our modular and layered technology components work with any financial product, currency, language, maximising flexibility and efficiency. See our technology delivery strategy below.

End-To-End Integrated

A single, unified platform to ensure consistency at every stage of the journey and across the Front, Middle and Back offices, for clients, advisers, portfolio managers and internal firm users. Our platform enables organisations to serve customers from all segments, empowers advisers to improve client engagement and helps provide services across execution, advisory and discretionary management all from one central location. Our Platform manages data flows in our proprietary database and acts as an isolated independent entity. However, the processed data can also be shared with any system using APIs as needed.
WealthObjects Platform

API Modules

From onboarding to ongoing client interaction, our flexible modular approach can deliver a full or any part of a broader solution and helps to keep the focus on your project goals. See some of our Platform's key modules and their features below.

Our intuitive and straightforward paperless onboarding module enable firms to identify and qualify prospective clients faster and in a regulatory compliant manner. Workflows across KYC/AML and risk profiling are automated to create a smooth, streamlined client experience.

Plan your clients’ financial life journey with our powerful financial planning module. Keep track of wealth, cash flows and finances. View multiple accounts and asset/liability types and provide clients with a holistic wealth solution to meet their varied needs.

Our Automated Allocation and Investing module enables firms to offer personalised investment portfolios at scale to suit every individual client needs with very little manual intervention. The module is created to align with your investment philosophy, allowing for stochastic or deterministic models, goal or risk-based investing, ‘what-if’ analysis, rebalancing, analytics and inbuilt portfolio and order management systems.

Build your brand in a compliant manner and gain actionable insights into your digital interactions using our digital engagement module. Increase client acquisition and retention by gaining insights, creating targeted, timely and personalised messaging and content campaigns, and enhancing client-centric communication.
Some of the other key modules are shown below.

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