Portfolio Management Tools & Others

We provide scalable, extensible and configurable solutions with unique journeys for many digital and hybrid business models. All our solutions built with proprietary algorithms can be launched as web apps and native apps. Portfolio Management and Other related solutions that we can launch are as follows:

Hyper-Personalised Portfolios

The new retail wave in advisory and investing is about providing affluent clients with hyper-personalised portfolios to match their lifestyle preferences (ESG etc.), interests (Themes etc.) and making them tax optimised (Loss harvesting and utilising annual allowances) using technology, thereby saving substantial manual effort and time. This level of hyper-personalisation can be delivered using our Advanced Portfolio Solution, which can generate a ‘Personalised Optimal Portfolio’ based on various constraints with various client preferences. The solution can also generate a ‘Minimum Portfolio Amount’ required to invest in replicating a strategy with various preferences. Our solution will even work in markets where there are no fractional share trading structures in place. However, fractional trading will most definitely increase accuracy when replicating a particular strategy, index or otherwise. Contact us to learn more.

Portfolio Management Tools & OMS

Our Portfolio Management Tools and Order Management system is delivered as part of an integrated end-to-end solution or as a standalone service. It enables investment managers to construct, map, monitor and rebalance client portfolios with various risk/return/allocation measures. Customers, Advisers and Investment Managers can then execute or rebalance the intended asset allocation actions into marketable orders, reconcile once executed, and display any pending orders. This solution can be customised with own workflows and with integration into your brokers and custodians allowing you to place orders using various industry protocols (FIX and others). Contact us to learn more.

B2B2C Sales Enablement Solution

Asset Managers and Product Providers need to invest in Sales Enablement tools to empower their Sales teams and any Advisory Partner firms to deliver the right product content and advice solutions available to Advisers and end Investors on a timely and relevant basis. Our solution can enable a product provider firm to deliver the right sales enablement strategy suitable for this digital decade.

Embedded Finance Models

Embedded Finance Models, where financial services are distributed/delivered through non-financial services sectors, in reality, have existed for many years but are making a comeback in a big way that is likely to change the distribution models altogether for the future. We no longer live in a world where financial and non-financial services live in silo apps on a client’s mobile phone. The distribution model for financial products and services is already changing. Firms must consciously plan and build embedded finance model strategies with the most suitable partners before it is too late or lose their client base to various changing embedded models. We can be your partner to execute your embedded model strategy without disrupting your current team processes. Contact us to learn more.

Planning Tools and Calculators

We provide firms with various financial planning tools that can be consumed in a ready-made manner or that can be configured to meet specific needs. Online self-service tools generate leads, increase customer engagement and loyalty. Some Adviser tools such as advanced cash flow planning are seen as critical for Customer and Adviser interactions leading to better advice conversations and outcomes. Contact us to learn more.

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