The advent of digital technologies and automation has revolutionised the wealth management industry. With simple user interface, transparent investing, streamlined on-boarding and low fees, robo advisers have gained significant attention over the last few years and have not only attracted digitally savvy mass market and millennials but also affluent and high net worth customers.

Better client experience, lower fees and the opportunity to tap into mass affluent customers has increased pressure on traditional wealth firms and private banks to go digital, reduce operating costs and automate processes. In the last few years, firms including Blackrock, North Western Mutual, BMO and Invesco, have launched robo advisory platforms by either developing in-house, or by acquiring robo advisory start-ups.

Millennial generation being the largest client group of early adopters of technology and who by 2020, are expected to grow their wealth to double that of 2015, were a natural point of focus for robo advisers. However, varied demographics and consumer preferences have given rise to multiple robo advisory models including digital only, hybrid digital models and other types of innovative digital wealth models who can now serve consumers of all age groups and net worth levels.

There has been much debate on whether robo advisers are a threat to traditional wealth firms, and whether they will replace human advisers. There is no doubt that they will both disrupt certain models where there is no need for manual intervention as well as augment certain existing traditional advisory models through hybrid digital offerings.

At WealthObjects, we believe that the end customer i.e. the investor is the real winner, with personalised low cost and transparent investing providing the customers the ability to be in control and achieve financial freedom. Robo advisory platforms are here to stay, and firms and individuals who embrace these new generation models will truly differentiate themselves, and their customers will reward them for it.


WealthObjects is named among the top 100 European FinTech companies 2016!

WealthObjects provides B2B Robo Advisory, Financial Planning and Engagement ready made platform or modular APIs for Consumer Banks, Fund Managers, Investment firms, and Insurance firms. We help firms launch a customised and automated digital wealth proposition faster and at a fraction of the cost.

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