Technology Powering Digital Business Models In Savings, Investments And Pensions

We provide financial institutions with digital wealth and hybrid advisory software solutions using our award-winning technology, helping them launch digital business models faster to market and at a fraction of the cost, saving years of development time and resources.

WealthObjects Mobile Apps Solutions

Modern and engaging solutions designed to meet the needs of the digital generation

We provide digital solutions across D2C Self-Directed Investing, Digital Robo Advice, Hybrid Digital Advice, Digital Retirement Planning, Modern Adviser Software and Portfolio Management Tools. We help firms stay ahead with next-generation digital business models by providing unique, engaging, and efficient digital propositions.

Client-centric modules and holistic view of personal finances and communications

Our client-centric modules help firms right from client acquisition, onboarding, financial planning, investing to reporting and ongoing engagement in a holistic manner, giving them a 360 degree view of their personal finances and communications.

Award-winning platform technology and APIs to launch your bespoke digital solution

Our award-winning technology and customisable modules enable many forward-thinking firms to support varied digital business models and prepare for the next era of savings and investments.

API-led to quickly launch any bespoke digital business model

Utilising our modular REST API-led delivery model allows firms to bring and apply their unique designs and experiences to the digital proposition, thereby enabling them to differentiate from their competitors.

A strategic partner to launch your digital investing and hybrid advisory propositions

We help Wealth Managers, Investment firms, Banks, Insurance companies, Brokerages, and many others to launch modern digital investing and saving propositions and improve their existing platforms using our platform automation, innovation, and engaging online experience.

B2B Integrated Digital Wealth Solutions with customisable interfaces and workflows

Our multi-interface platform with secure integrated APIs ensures that your clients, advisers, agents, investment personnel and operational staff needs are met seamlessly through customisable and tailored workflow interfaces whilst serving the end client.

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