Digital Advice (Robo) Platform

Robo advice can mean many things, but one certainty is that to remain competitive, firms need to provide an online automated advice model that delivers advice in a more cost-efficient way. WealthObjects' client-centric proprietary algorithms and design experience deliver an intelligent platform, serving every customer with personalised guidance.


Adviser-led (Hybrid) Platform

Wealth and Investment firms through hybrid advisory models can evolve their business, attract new customer base, and serve them in a flexible and cost-effective manner whilst realising greater operational efficiency. Embracing the hybrid digital model can generate more revenue per Adviser/Agent/RM whilst serving larger customer base effortlessly.


D2C Platform

Investors are increasingly looking to go plan their own investment journeys, and financial firms must take advantage of this trend with solutions that engage with and meet the needs of the consumer. WO provides solutions across the whole D2C journey - from on-boarding to post-investment ongoing engagement.


Retirement Platform

Consumers are seeking greater pension transparency and better access to retirement planning advice. WealthObjects provides solutions that allow firms to efficiently engage with customers through the accumulation, at-retirement and decumulation phases.


Planning Tools & Calculators

WealthObjects' provides firms with various financial planning tools that can be consumed in a readymade manner or that can be configured to meet specific needs. These online self-service tools generate leads, increase customer engagement and loyalty. Some tools such as advanced cash flow planning are seen as critical for Customer and Adviser interactions leading to better advice conversations and outcomes.


Portfolio & Order Management System in One

WealthObjects' PMS and OMS is delivered as part of an integrated end-to-end solution or as standalone service. It enables portfolio managers to construct, map, monitor and rebalance optimal portfolios with various risk measures. Customers, Advisers and Investment Managers can then execute or rebalance the intended asset allocation actions into marketable orders, reconciling once executed, and displaying pending orders if any. This solution can be customised with own workflows and with seamless integration into your third party administrators, transfer agents, brokers, and custodians allowing you to place orders using various industry protocols depending on the type of investment products served.


Workplace Platform

Hybrid Adviser-led or Automated solutions give previously unengaged employees access to financial advice, bringing an entirely new demographic of users to the market. WealthObjects gives firms the tools to help employees manage their finances - from debt to long-term retirement planning.