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Hybrid Digital Advice Solution

Hybrid Advice is a semi-automated financial planning and investing solution that considers clients’ circumstances and offers suitable recommendations to achieve financial goals digitally and through human adviser interaction. This solution provides firms with the ability to deal with personalised client scenarios through appropriate level of human interaction and support.

Hybrid Advice recommendations are typically powered by a centralised investment proposition (CIP) strategy and implemented with multiple strategies (Model Portfolios, DFMs, Multi-Asset Funds) based on risk, client segments and goal types. The additional feature of a Hybrid model is that Advisers can have the flexibility to deviate from CIP strategies based on a client’s specific circumstances and offer a bespoke client portfolio under an SMA/Discretionary basis as and when appropriate.

Through hybrid advisory, firms can evolve their business, attract a new customer segment, and serve them flexibly and cost-effectively whilst realising greater operational efficiency. Embracing our hybrid advice digital model can generate more revenue per Adviser/Agent/Relationship Manager while effortlessly serving a broader customer base.

User Portals Provided

Client/investor portal

ADVISER portal (Intermediary)

Portfolios/products portal

Administration portal


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