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Unlimited Client/Investor Portal Users

5 Company/Manager Portal Users

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Customer/Investor Portal

Company/Manager Portal

Custom URL, Logo and Colours

Our Pre-built Mobile Apps

No bespoke development


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Suitable for custom projects


Unlimited Client/Investor Portal Users

Custom Company/Manager Portal Users

Customise entire platform

Requires planning to launch

*Local currency pricing

Transactional Customer Portal

Transactional Manager Portal

Your own domain can be used

Your Company Mobile App in App store

Bespoke feature development and deployment

Able to add our Modular Digital Business Model Solutions

The Company/Manager Portal is for use by your internal staff users. You can add and remove users at anytime. Please contact us for more details. 

Key Features



Firm Platform



Client Management: Set up and manage all clients from one place, add unlimited clients, provide Client Portal access, manage all files, maintain custom CRM funnel/stages, segment your clients, note referral information, create next review dates, and much more to run your firm entirely digitally.

Client Onboarding: Know your client, Obtain client information, Send client agreements to e-sign, customise digital fact-find questionnaires and perform risk profiling process for each client and onboard your clients fully digitally.

Client Planning: Various inbuilt investment, insurance and cash flow planning tools and solvers to provide suitable investment and advice recommendations and plans to share with the clients.

Client Reporting: With our helpful Report builder functionality, you can use your own or our default templates to build and save reports before sharing them online through the client portal or by email.

Client Engagement: Nurture and manage all your client communication securely from one place, including all client messages, content sharing, alerts and notifications to build trust and support your clients at the right time.

Other key features: Files/Docs Management, Risk Profiling, Share Proposals and Reports, Workflows and Compliance Checklists, Task Management, Scheduling Appointments, E-Signatures, Adviser Work desk notes and storage, and many more efficiency creating features to win and serve more clients.

Unlimited File Storage & Sharing

Bulk Import Clients

Raise support tickets

Portal, Email

Portal, Email, RM

The Client/Investor Portal website is different to the Company/Manager Portal website. This is for use by your end customers. This will be on a different domain URL and with a different login page to the Company/Manager platform.

Key Features



Client Platform




Complete KYC/Questionnaires

Complete Risk Profiling

Upload Files/Documents

Access Shared Files/Documents

Secure Messaging

E-Sign documents

View Proposals & Reports

View Invested Plan Updates

Make Net Worth Updates

Make Personal Profile Updates

Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Client Private File Storage

Branding & Interface

Key Features






Your Logo in All Portals

Your own unique sub-domain portals (websites)

Your Colour Themes in Platforms

Integrate Portal logins to your existing website

Launch as a new app under your own domain

Security, Data Protection & Compliance

Key Features






Multi factor authentication

Separate database per firm

Encryption of data-in-transit

Encryption of data-at-rest

Login and Device Logs

Audit Activity Logs

BCP & DR process

Add-Ons are features that may sometimes be powered by external providers but are embedded fully into WealthObjects. No need to newly set up or hold an account with any external provider, simply activate the add-on and start using. Some add-ons may incur additional charges. Please see below or contact us for further details.

Key Features






Risk Profiling Add-on (Free): Accumulation and Decumulation questionnaires are included. A choice of 5, 7 or 10 risk profile categories for Accumulation, and a 7 risk profile category for Decumulation.

Meeting Scheduling Add-on (Free): Save time by connecting your calendar and sending a meeting booking link to clients to choose.

Integrations are third party partner applications that you can connect and use alongside WealthObjects to receive additional services for your business. You will need to hold an account directly with the Integration partner provider to connect and use within WealthObjects. You will not be billed by us for any third party integrations. Some integrations may incur one-off additional charges to activate/set up, we will always let you know in advance if that is the case.






Digital (Electronic) Signatures

Identity checks (KYC/AML)

Payment Gateway Providers

Enterprise Single Sign-on option

Other Custom Integration Requests

We help firms to launch modern digital investing and saving propositions using our multi-award-winning API technology, proprietary algorithms, automation and engaging online user experience.  All the digital modular solutions require custom set up, and additional charges apply. They are set up with your own business and operational strategy and additional integrations. See some of the modular solutions below. 

Key Features






Lead generation web journeys

Self directed Investing

Digital Retirement Investing

Digital Robo Advice/Investing

Hybrid Digital Advice/Investing

Goal/Risk/Theme based Investing

Advanced Portfolio Management Tools

Order Mgt. and Transactional Capability

Coming soon*

Key Features




*Coming soon




Lead generation Add-on

Advanced Lead Generation Add-on

Video Calls Add-on

Co-browsing Add-on

Advised Platform holdings Add-on

any custom business requirements?

We can help deliver the project either as a readily built solution or through APIs integrating into your existing systems.

We offer the flexibility of deploying the solution on a private cloud or on-premise if a multi-tenancy separated at database level by company doesn't suit your needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your custom business requirements.
Want a custom deployment?
We offer the flexibility of deploying the solution on a private cloud or on-premise if multi-tenancy doesn't suit your needs. We can help deliver a fully customised proposition to meet your business needs. Just drop us a message.

Frequently asked questions

You can use our standard bulk import wizard, which we will walk you through the process step-by-step and offer you options to import. If you are a large firm and need a more personalised hand-holding service, we can accommodate that too for an additional cost. Most small and medium-sized firms can utilise our bulk import feature and will not need to incur any additional charges.

WealthObjects is an all-in-one solution and the answer to many industry problems, mainly rekeying data in multiple software. However, if you have a particular provider that you would like us to work with, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

The date you sign up and pay for a subscription plan will be the start date of your contract. For example: If your start date is on the 10th day of a month, we will invoice you on a pro-rata basis till the end of that month on the first invoice and collect payment immediately. 

The billing date is typically the the first of each month. On the first of each month, we will invoice and take payment for the subscription for that month in advance, and any previous month’s usage costs relating to additional users and add-ons in arrears.

Yes, you can add and remove users from your account at any time. You can do this using the platform’s Admin role functionality. Additional users are users who are above the inclusive user limit of your subscription plan. Additional users’ costs will always be billed in arrears and only for the previous month’s days used. For example, if you add an additional user account and remove it after ten days, you will only be charged for ten days for that user in the next invoice.
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If you have any other questions which are not addressed above, please write to us, and we will get back to you soon.