Self-directed Investing

What's a Self-Directed Solution?

Self-Directed or Self-Managed or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Investing models have been around for many years now. In these models, the customer makes his own product choices and executes the transactions entirely online. What has changed over the years is that forward-looking businesses have evolved from offering individual investments on an execution only basis to building financial solutions that would help a customer throughout his life’s financial journey.

Many investors are increasingly looking to make their investment decisions, and financial firms must take advantage of this trend with solutions that engage with and meet the consumer’s needs. We provide modern digital solutions to deliver the whole self-directed investor journey from onboarding to post-investment servicing and ongoing engagement. Examples of such self-directed D2C solutions that we can provide include Target dated investment portfolios, Risk-based model portfolios, Education solutions, Retirement solutions, Income Solutions, Thematic portfolios and many other guidance based offerings.

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One of Netherland’s growing Asset Managers set out to create the best guidance based self-directed investing platform in their market to provide everyday individuals with investing guidance and retirement products. The project has been tremendously successful, with the firm gaining AUM over the years using our solution.


EMEA Asset Manager


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WealthObjects have been very easy to work with and have helped us to deliver a fantastic proposition to our customers. Their consultative approach, flexibility, and ability to deliver a great technology solution mean we are confident we have picked the right long-term partner for our business. As we offer a range of investment products for general investing, real estate funds, pension accumulation and decumulation, Wealth Objects’ comprehensive understanding of the various product types was critical to our delivery.

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