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Holistic Wealth Management Solution

Holistic Wealth Management/Advisory business model is one where Advisers serve customers taking into account their entire financial and personal circumstances. Here we are talking about reinventing the old high touch business model for the digital age through superior client portal digital experience and automation of many Adviser tasks, such as onboarding, advice report generation, portfolio building and monitoring, to name a few. This business model is primarily for Wealth Advisory and Investment firms or even Product Providers who want to distribute their products through Advisers and Intermediaries in a B2B2C model as a sales enablement tool.

There is a growing recognition that the next generation coming into wealth will have different needs and expectations around service provision. They will want a different high-touch service level combined with digital that is enabled over the channel of their choice and at the time of their choosing. Going digital was an ongoing issue before Covid19 but has been pushed sharply into the spotlight as advisers and clients alike needed to find new ways to connect remotely and seamlessly engage quickly.

The firm’s adviser needs to be given equal importance in providing a modern practice management and financial planning software that offers superior flexibility in terms of interface, communication, functionality and automation wherever possible. Our digital tools will allow them to focus on the activities to add value and work towards having a deeper relationship with the clients. We think the need to provide digitalisation is overwhelmingly clear. The successful wealth managers of the future need to consider how to meet clients’ needs and free up their advisers to provide customisation and value-added services with superior client engagement.

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User Portals Provided

Client/investor portal

ADVISER portal -Intermediary


Administration portal


Learn how we launched our Holistic Wealth Advisory Solution


We’ve written a guide listing the main features of our solution, our ways of delivering flexibly, and a client case study to help you get started. Please complete the form to download our guide.


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